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Gotta show the love

When I came to Seattle, it was just as the Seahawks were at the beginning of their franchise.  I have never known Seattle when the Seahawks weren’t here. And this week is the Super Bowl.  #SeaHawks for the win Post by Seattle Seahawks. Well that is disappointing.  I embedded the video, but it isn’t showing up, despite having done so
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Beat me to it

My last two posts have been about starting something new and my reactions as an outsider.  Logging on to InTouch today, I find that Mary Kay has done the same process, except internally!  I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mary Kay. The result is a revamped way to begin your business, fun and fresh.  Here’s the news item from the
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An apology

Things change, people change, hairstyles change, interest rates fluctuate. ~Hillary Flammond If you know where the quote is from, you’re welcome at my house any time for popcorn and a movie! Oh yes, the apology.  WordPress changed and updated.  Good updates.  Themes updated too.  Oops, the search function on my theme has disappeared.  Not so good.  I’m sorry if you’ve
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Since you’ve asked

Back in the late 70’s, I bought an album by Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisburg called Twin Sons of Different Mothers  Its music has withstood all the buffeting my life could throw at it, emerging still as one of the albums I can lose myself in start to finish. Next May, my oldest son will be getting married and I suggested
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Dear Spammers

You know those “work at home if you own a computer” ads? One of the things you can do is surf the web and leave “comments” on blogs. The goal is to get the name of the company out there in a bunch of different places so more people can click on it. The m.o. (method of operation) is to
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Protect yourself

An advisory has once again been issued.  Scammers are using the Independent Beauty Consultant Locator to obtain names and websites.  They are using the “Contact Me” feature to order large quantities of product to be sent to zip codes away from your normal service area. The adage, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” applies.  Be wary,
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Shun the G

Would you like to post a comment?  Would you like a pretty avatar to show up instead of the blue “G” which looks like a computer power button? Head over to Gravatar and create one.  Make sure it matches the email you’ve used to log into this blog with.

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