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Drum roll please ….

Beginning January 6th, I’m super delighted to announce a NEW THING for me, you and your customers. Many years ago, several of our team went to see Robert Jones teach an all day seminar on how to do makeup.  It was informative, fun and best of all, empowering.  I learned so much, which made me confident in my ability to
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Big welcomes to Richard Guest, Steve’s son, as our newest Independent Beauty Consultant.  Richard has been a customer for many years after I began shaming him for not using Satin Lips. Richard’s first class will be Monday, 6:30 at my house.  Feel free to come and bring a guest!          

Leaving the miracle behind

This is a bit of a sad post for me.  I’ve stopped using my TimeWise Miracle Set.  I miss it.  I miss the familiar smell, the gentle exfoliating beads, the feel of Night Solution still working on my face when I step into the shower in the morning.  Sniff [cue gentle violin music]. Was I unhappy with my skin care of
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And more tidbits from the fall retreat! Stephanie R., the #1 director at the retreat talked about motivators.  I find it interesting that so frequently when she speaks, I’m quite sure of where I fit in, but then as she elucidates, I find myself viewing my life and career in a whole different light. I’ll just list what she said, and then
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Go-Give retreat tidbits

SNSD Mary Diem paid a visit to the NW, looking younger than ever. I want to be like her when I grow up.  She anchored a superb day of training, laughing, hanging out and pantyhose.  I’d complain about the pantyhose, but she told us: Don’t complain.  When you complain, 50% of the people don’t care and 50% think you deserve
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School begins

Yes, it’s Labor Day weekend.  Time to put away your white shoes and begin listening for the squeaking of the school bus brakes.  It’s also time to begin school related meetings, functions and other time suckers.  Sigh.  With that in mind, Thursday’s 50-Minute Beauty is going to have to be cancelled.  The KFAB (Fine Arts Booster Clubs) executive committee saw fit to demand
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50 minute beauty

Robert Jones, one of my favorite make-up artists says there are various “types” of makeup looks, based on how much time you want to spend.  The “oh my gosh I slept through my alarm and I might be late to work” is what he would call 10-Minute Beauty.  The wedding or prom makeup would be 50-Minute Beauty for its complexity
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Go-Give event

 Because Cheryl Davidson has retired, there are no fall retreats for her area.  Corporate doesn’t leave the Go-Give area in the dark, and one of my favorite NSD’s is coming in November to get us ed-u-ma-cated and inspired.

All together now

The day has been set!  Thursday is now the day when everyone is invited to my home with a guest for fun, education, food and moving your business forward. Beginning Aug 11 (I have a prior commitment this week) it will be at 6:45.  I will ask you to RSVP by noon on the day you will be attending and plan
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The day which works?

Team members – what day works best for you, if you were able to come to Parts of the Party?  Don’t forget to vote by replying to the email that went out earlier today! It also occurs to me there might be a better name for the get together??  Open to suggestions!

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