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Welcome Melissa VanDusen

A big welcome to Melissa, my lovely and fun hostess from Saturday’s Skin Care and Trend Looks party.  She began her business today and I foresee great things in her future!


Big welcomes to Richard Guest, Steve’s son, as our newest Independent Beauty Consultant.  Richard has been a customer for many years after I began shaming him for not using Satin Lips. Richard’s first class will be Monday, 6:30 at my house.  Feel free to come and bring a guest!          

School of life

This is an unforeseen continuation of “Ouch my legs hurt,” which were my reactions to getting started with a new venture.  Now I’m a fully inducted newbie and have “discovered” more relevant observations about the infancy of an undertaking. It wasn’t what I was about Many (many) years ago, I had a newborn infant.  He was my pride and joy
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Huge welcomes to Aliya K, newest team member.  Come and meet her in a couple weeks on Thursday when she returns from vacation!

New Biz Builders

Monthly Bonus Program The BizBuilders Monthly Bonus program is designed to reward you for working your business and submitting consistent sales orders! As you place orders you’ll receive wholesale credit known as BizBuilder Bucks that you can use on your next qualifying order towards the Section 1 and Section 2 products that you want or need. The more you spend, the more you
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5 drum rolls for Jessica H.  I’m so excited.  She’s been a long-term customer and a super sweet lady with a good head on her shoulders.  Welcome to the team – we are so glad you’re here!!!

Sharp busineswoman alert

Mary Kay Inc., is offering the best deal ever on becoming an Independent Beauty Consultant in April.  For $50 plus tax and shipping, you can be empowered to make an amazing and positive difference in your life. Be your own boss Set your own hours Set your own paycheck Choose who you work with Earn the use of a brand
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Seasons of Whither

Seasons of Whither.  Song by Aerosmith.  Actually kind of a gloomy song, but as Leslie Nielsen says in Airplane!,  “That’s not important right now.”  What is important is that we all have seasons.  We have them in our careers, our families, our religion, our choice of cars, etc.  They ebb and flow, sometimes without apparent stimulus and we hopefully adjust
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Formula for success

How many years ago?  I think we’re coming up on 9.  I’ll wait till the anniversary date when the company sends me a card. I’ve been running a Soap Box Derby with my business for the last few years, coasting on work done the better part of a decade ago. It’s time to rev it up.  We’re going Formula 1
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