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Clear Proof

When I was a director the first time, one of the tools we had was a DVD sent out each month called “Pink Link.”  It had new products, promotions and education to be shared with our units, and it was fabulous.  Well now all consultants have access to Pink Link on MKInTouch, and I would exhort you to check it out.  I
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I just got the mail

If you’re a consultant, you did as well.  In the month of August, credit for the Queen’s Court of Sales is doubled on all orders! What does it mean for you?  It’s not double product, but instead a motivation boost.  It’s like weighing yourself before going on a diet and determining you need to lose 15 pounds.  The next day someone
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Beauty Tip – masked bandit

If you are showering, make sure any residual eye makeup is removed before you begin. You don’t want to look like a woodland creature You might not realize you are a bandito until you have applied your skin care regime, meaning you’re going to take off good expensive product. Save money and just say no to raccoons.  Your friends and
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Leaving the miracle behind

This is a bit of a sad post for me.  I’ve stopped using my TimeWise Miracle Set.  I miss it.  I miss the familiar smell, the gentle exfoliating beads, the feel of Night Solution still working on my face when I step into the shower in the morning.  Sniff [cue gentle violin music]. Was I unhappy with my skin care of
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Since you’ve asked

Back in the late 70’s, I bought an album by Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisburg called Twin Sons of Different Mothers  Its music has withstood all the buffeting my life could throw at it, emerging still as one of the albums I can lose myself in start to finish. Next May, my oldest son will be getting married and I suggested
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Confessions of a morning person

Do you feel fully functional at 6:00am, but drooping at 6pm?  That would be me.  Early to bed, early to rise is not just a wise saying, it’s a way of life! The downside is at 9:30pm, I occasionally [frequently] eschew what I know to be my appropriate skin care regime in favor of making my head, once again, intimate friends
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50 minute beauty

Robert Jones, one of my favorite make-up artists says there are various “types” of makeup looks, based on how much time you want to spend.  The “oh my gosh I slept through my alarm and I might be late to work” is what he would call 10-Minute Beauty.  The wedding or prom makeup would be 50-Minute Beauty for its complexity
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Sweet dreams

 Awaken the age-fighting potential of your skin at night with this innovative product that activates collagen production, targets the skin matrix, helps skin recover from daily damage and restores the skin barrier. Available in combination/oily and normal/dry. Watch the video here.

Over 40 and looking for work

Age is a big topic, especially as the rescession feels like it’s resolving at approximately the speed of Pluto’s orbit.  While everyone is having to work a little harder on their resume and knock on a few more doors, the over 40 crowd has been exceptionally hard hit because although ageism is illegal in hiring decisions, the subjective associations with age may cloud
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Small talk

Customer satisfaction is like a conversation.  One person says something and the other responds.  Back and forth it goes, each person contributing and at the same time underpinning the fortifying the relationship which allowed the conversants to be engaged in the first place.  Whew!  that was a lot of $5 words to mean, you talk to people you know.

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