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Drum roll please ….

Beginning January 6th, I’m super delighted to announce a NEW THING for me, you and your customers. Many years ago, several of our team went to see Robert Jones teach an all day seminar on how to do makeup.  It was informative, fun and best of all, empowering.  I learned so much, which made me confident in my ability to
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I wrote a post

One of the things I do is write blogs.  There are several and each is written for a different reason.  I have my investor real estate page, where I tell people all about the awful things banks have done, this one, where I tell you all the awful things sun and the calendar can do to your skin, and I
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Since you’ve asked

Back in the late 70’s, I bought an album by Dan Fogelberg and Tim Weisburg called Twin Sons of Different Mothers  Its music has withstood all the buffeting my life could throw at it, emerging still as one of the albums I can lose myself in start to finish. Next May, my oldest son will be getting married and I suggested
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Rosacea and sensitive skin

Parts of the party on Wednesday the 29th – we’ll be working with your customers with sensitive skin.  These can include customers who would like to use Mary Kay products, but have had ‘reactions’ before, people with rosacea (if you don’t know what it is, come, because you’ll bump into it a lot) and those for whom anything more than
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Be your best customer

One of the first experiences I had with sales was as an distributor for a company which made primarily cleaning products. Early in your career, your mentors would come over to present the business plan for your friends, much the same as sharing the Mary Kay opportunity. After the guests had left, the trainer would ask to use the bathroom
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Foundation match

Parts of the party – matching the foundation.  Easily the most critical part of colour and the one your customers will thank you for the most, if you get it right. We’ll do quick skin care and move on to the “how” of matching foundation.  It will be fast, fun and informative. RSVP with numbers by noon Wednesday. Setup to
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Parts of the Party update

Small change of plans – the “Parts of the Party” will begin on the 25th due to a conflict with a travel schedule.  We’ll begin with the 5 essentials of healthy skin and move foundation matching to the first Wednesday in June. I’m so excited to get this party started!

Break it down

Good Housekeeping Tip: Always keep several get well cards on the mantel.  If unexpected guests arrive, they will think you’ve been sick and unable to clean. Hm, good advice, I suppose, but here’s a better plan, at least for me.  Combine keeping my house clean with the ability to do some intensive “each part of the party” training! Consultants, find
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Painting the canvas

One of the best pieces of product knowledge from Career Conference was how to use the Liquid Foundation Brush.  When mine first arrived, I put dots of foundation all over my face, like I would normally, then used the brush to blend them all together.  The result was a reminder of having discovered in my college Art 101 class, that I was
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Diva foundation tips

Ah, face massage while applying primer.  He had me there.  I guess that makes me a diva!

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