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Failure is not the opposite of success, failure is part of success.

It’s been a while

A great deal has happened to our Mary Kay team in the past month.  Our long time director, Linda Jordan has stepped down and the company asked me to select a new director.  I have chosen Colleen Russell and we are now part of her Russell’s Rockin’ BIDIA’s.  I’m quite delighted that everyone gets a “do over.”  No expectations, no
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Tips from the success coach

Ann Vertel is my choice of success coach.  She is intelligent, thoughtful, exuberant and focused.  I have enjoyed learning from her for many years, but this morning I was taken by surprise with her alternative to affirmations.  When I thought about it, her method appealed to me as a D personality — it’s very action oriented, whereas affirmations are passive. Check
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Keeping it together

Cheryl Davidson, NSD Emeritus is a great teacher.  She has a keen sense of what it means to lead and mentor her area.  Many times I hear her words floating into my coaching. Linda asked me to speak on the weekly unit call about how to get everyone moving in the same direction and it is Cheryl’s wisdom which forms
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And more tidbits from the fall retreat! Stephanie R., the #1 director at the retreat talked about motivators.  I find it interesting that so frequently when she speaks, I’m quite sure of where I fit in, but then as she elucidates, I find myself viewing my life and career in a whole different light. I’ll just list what she said, and then
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School begins

Yes, it’s Labor Day weekend.  Time to put away your white shoes and begin listening for the squeaking of the school bus brakes.  It’s also time to begin school related meetings, functions and other time suckers.  Sigh.  With that in mind, Thursday’s 50-Minute Beauty is going to have to be cancelled.  The KFAB (Fine Arts Booster Clubs) executive committee saw fit to demand
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Working smart

Back in the day, when dinosaurs roamed the earth and I was a new Independent Beauty Consultant, we were told the easiest way to help customers know which clear/white/pink blob they were putting on, was to write product names on the styrofoam trays with a ballpoint pen. For me, it was one of the better ways of being “busy” with my
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Over 40 and looking for work

Age is a big topic, especially as the rescession feels like it’s resolving at approximately the speed of Pluto’s orbit.  While everyone is having to work a little harder on their resume and knock on a few more doors, the over 40 crowd has been exceptionally hard hit because although ageism is illegal in hiring decisions, the subjective associations with age may cloud
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Small talk

Customer satisfaction is like a conversation.  One person says something and the other responds.  Back and forth it goes, each person contributing and at the same time underpinning the fortifying the relationship which allowed the conversants to be engaged in the first place.  Whew!  that was a lot of $5 words to mean, you talk to people you know.


I had the privilege of meeting Ilene Meckley when she was breaking records.  Ilene was a Discovery Toys consultant and recruited over 200 women during her career. Years later I met her again at a Mary Kay event where she was speaking on building a Mary Kay business.  No, she was not an Independent Beauty Consultant, she had transitioned to a motivational
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