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It’s been a while

A great deal has happened to our Mary Kay team in the past month.  Our long time director, Linda Jordan has stepped down and the company asked me to select a new director.  I have chosen Colleen Russell and we are now part of her Russell’s Rockin’ BIDIA’s.  I’m quite delighted that everyone gets a “do over.”  No expectations, no
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Get up, get cute and get out there

And we’re done.  It’s been six years in the Bellevue School District, but the run really started in 1983, when we began homeschooling the eldest.  30 years, and it comes to a screeching halt.  Daughter finished her senior finals on Wednesday and while the rest of the school is continuing their quest for a good grade, she is sleeping in
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Ouch, my legs hurt

Or – what I learned while training for a half marathon. I wrote in December about having talked with Elaina about her running.  A month later and with some gentle encouragement, I found myself last Saturday in a room full of giddy people willing to put themselves out there to walk/run/cycle/swim/hike to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma research.  It
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Some see risk as a reason not to try. Some see it as an obstacle to overcome. The risk is the same; to try or not depends on your perspective.

Lights, Camera, Fashion!

Red jacket re-design.  These are fiery!  Choose your cut, the color is smoking hot red. Click here for the contest details and designs or click the picture to see a larger view. I’m picking Emma.  Classic cut and cute buttons, long enough to hide all the parts of me which have succumbed to gravity.

I met Mary Kay Ash

It was summer of 2003.  July, 2003.  The place was Dallas, TX.  The event was Seminar.  I met Mary Kay Ash. Those of you schooled in Pink will say, “But wait, Mary Kay died on Thanksgiving Day, 2001.  Did you see a ghost?” The answer is of course, no.  What I did see however, put flesh to what I had
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Formula for success

How many years ago?  I think we’re coming up on 9.  I’ll wait till the anniversary date when the company sends me a card. I’ve been running a Soap Box Derby with my business for the last few years, coasting on work done the better part of a decade ago. It’s time to rev it up.  We’re going Formula 1
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