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our color palette, your choicesMonthly Bonus Program

The BizBuilders Monthly Bonus program is designed to reward you for working your business and submitting consistent sales orders! As you place orders you’ll receive wholesale credit known as BizBuilder Bucks that you can use on your next qualifying order towards the Section 1 and Section 2 products that you want or need. The more you spend, the more you earn!  You will also receive Seminar credit for the suggested retail value of the wholesale credit at the time the BizBuilder Bucks are earned, regardless if the credit is redeemed.

  • Place a BizBuilder qualified order (minimum $400 Section 1 wholesale/$800 suggested retail)
  • Receive BizBuilder Bucks (credit) to use on your next* BizBuilder qualifying order.  The amount of BizBuilders Bucks awarded will be based on the total suggested retail amount of the order.
  • Receive Seminar credit at the time BizBuilder Bucks are earned (the first order).
  • It’s that simple! Need more info? Review the FAQs or see examples here.

You’ll want to make sure your email address is up to date in order to receive important updates and reminders regarding the BizBuilders Monthly Bonus program. You can also stay up to date on your BizBuilders Bucks amount and expiration by reviewing the BizBuilders Program report.
*The BizBuilders Bucks credit will be applied toward the next order of at least $400 wholesale ($800 suggested retail) as long as the order is placed while in active status. An Independent Beauty Consultant is considered active in the month a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 product order is received and accepted by the Company and in the following two calendar months. The credit will expire upon the expiration of the Independent Beauty Consultant’s active status.

2 Responses to “New Biz Builders”

  1. Ann Weber says:

    I am a MK consultant but as yet I am not pleased with the change to the new Biz Builder Bucks credit program. It was nice getting ‘gifts’ even if I did pay the tax…..IF the item was something I could use.

    • Diane Guest says:

      Ann, I agree. I think their hearts were in the right place, but the execution is off. There are too many constraints on the program now. I liked ordering and getting the freebies. I would prefer a return with maybe a choice of the Biz Builder gift option.

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