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Over 40 and looking for work

Age is a big topic, especially as the rescession feels like it’s resolving at approximately the speed of Pluto’s orbit.  While everyone is having to work a little harder on their resume and knock on a few more doors, the over 40 crowd has been exceptionally hard hit because although ageism is illegal in hiring decisions, the subjective associations with age may cloud an interviewer’s perception of the candidate.

Hide in a corner and cry?  Oh heck no!  There is always the obvious answer of unchaining yourself from the tyranny of having a boss who determines your employment status, but if needs dictate you do seek a regular 9-5, there are some tips the older applicant should pay attention to.

I’m going to direct you to an article, but don’t close this window down till you finish reading, as I am going to give you a powerful tool.  I don’t sell eyewear or clothing, but I do sell and know makeup and here are points to reiterate in keeping you young and fresh:

  1. Start with skin care.  Choose a system and stick with it.  Start to finish.  Don’t throw any “ooh, I really like this treatment or moisturizer,” because you’ll end up with chemical warfare.
  2. Make sure you moisturize.  Yes, even you with oily skin.  Pick a moisturizer formulated for your skin type.
  3. Makeup – make it light, neutral and simple.  Anything overdone, over applied or over colored will “age” you.

And now the tool – try out colors on you, without having to do anything else.  Upload a picture (or use one of the models if you prefer, although it’s not as effective), and learn how to make up your face in a way to show you in the best light for your interview.

One last thing, when you get the job, drop me a note and tell me how wonderful they thought you looked!

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  1. Donalda says:

    What you have to do is not project all the negative associations that come with age. If you look tired, unfashionable, or old fashioned or in anyway by your looks or demeanor scream old to the interviewer, you’re out. Not saying you need to go completely out of your way to appear hip (which also screams old) but you need to aim for an image that doesn’t call attention to the fact that you’re “old”. If you’re out of shape maybe this is a good time to drop the weight, if you’re going gray, color – particularly if you’re a woman, get an updated hairdo, some more youthful clothes, and make sure the accessories are right. In this youth obsessed world, you can’t afford to let yourself go to seed, thinking its your privilege because you’re older now. Yes, a lot of people think that way. Besides, its bad for your health.

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