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School begins

Customer service begins with follow upYes, it’s Labor Day weekend.  Time to put away your white shoes and begin listening for the squeaking of the school bus brakes.  It’s also time to begin school related meetings, functions and other time suckers.  Sigh.  With that in mind, Thursday’s 50-Minute Beauty is going to have to be cancelled.  The KFAB (Fine Arts Booster Clubs) executive committee saw fit to demand my presence, so off I go.  Same time next week however!

Speaking of going back to school, now is a really good time to contact high school parents whose daughters might need Homecoming makeup done.  Remember, you cannot touch your clients, in accordance with our independent consultant agreements, so schedule a pre-event makeover to let them choose their product and purchase it then.  On Homecoming, you can go do their makeup as a friend, not as a consultant.  Just make sure you don’t use any new makeup or skin care bits, or that would qualify as a consultation.  Questions or how-to’s?  Give me a holler on the contact form, or team members, you know my number!

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