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And more tidbits from the fall retreat!

Find what motivates you; stop using other people's motivators because they won't work.Stephanie R., the #1 director at the retreat talked about motivators.  I find it interesting that so frequently when she speaks, I’m quite sure of where I fit in, but then as she elucidates, I find myself viewing my life and career in a whole different light.

I’ll just list what she said, and then give you my “aha!” moment.  First is the motivator, then 2 things which the sales director position has, which fills that need.

5 Motivators

1.  Safety and Security

a.  The suit – you always know what you’re wearing
b.  The commissions are predictable

2.  Love and Belonging

a.  You’re making a difference
b.  Having friends who are there for you

3.  Freedom and Choice

a.  You will never have a boss tell you what to do
b.  We become like the people we hang out with.

4.  Power and Achievement

 a. Scoreboard – you can always pick where you land
b. Influence – you exert massive amounts of positive influence on others and the company as well.

5.  Fun and Pleasure

a.  Director debut – a party all about you
b.  Director trips all over the world, all expenses paid!

I was pretty sure I was “Freedom and Choice,” having chosen to do things which I can accomplish within the needs of my family, but still allowing me to pursue things which are interesting to me.

Then she said something which hit me across the side of the head.  As an aside, Stephanie said, “You Power and Achievement gals had better do it fast, or you’ll get bored.”  Holy cow.  That summed up not only my path with Mary Kay, but just about everything else I’ve ever done.  Hurry up and hit the goal.  No sweat there, but once arrived, the original goal becomes something which can be put behind as a new interest coalesces in front of me.  Achieve.  Check.  Move on.  Got it.

Wait,  there’s a flaw in my methodology.  Sure it’s interesting bouncing around and learning new things, but if you want to accomplish, really accomplish, you can’t be satisfied with the bottom rung.

New plan.  Achieve.  Check.  Reset new goal.  Achieve, check, reset.  Achieve, check, reset.  There are still a lot of levels I have yet to conquer!

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