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Pirating a good thing

Recently I attended a party at the home of a friend who is also a SeaFair pirate.  It’s an annual event (with some excellent rum punch) and a lot of pirate buddies and wives.  Fun, but other than Steve C and his wife, I don’t know anyone there.  I go along as the designated driver, allowing the hubby to indulge in manly fun.

This year I was delighted as another friend of the host’s, Elaina D, whom I know as a former MK director, also attended the party.  She had stepped down from her directorship to take a full time position whilst her husband attended seminary.  Elaina is one of the bright lights in my MK business, having been a great mentor.

Since stepping down, one of her passions has been running.  I assumed from her Facebook posts, that she’d always been a runner.  No, she told me that evening, she had just hooked up with a great running group.  She joined and was encouraged and mentored all along the path.  I was amazed to find she had *walked* her first 1/2 marathon and was met at the end with cheers and adulation.  Really?  I could walk a half marathon!  She told me as she trained, the group was “very Mary Kay” to her; positive and encouraging.  I like that.  Mary Kay’s training held up as a gold standard [gold-pirate.  It was pretty subtle, so I thought I’d better point it out -smiley face-].

I also had a similar experience when I went to talk with a real estate brokerage.  The gentleman giving me the information (actually he thought he was interviewing me – ha!) raised his eyebrows when I said I was a Mary Kay consultant.  He told me I’d probably already received some of the best training I could have anywhere.  High praise indeed!

Even if it’s not a career path, consider taking the free positive training offered by a local Mary Kay team.  Hey, talk to me about it!  You never know how it might help you prepare when the high seas of opportunity call.

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  1. […] I wrote in December about having talked with Elaina about her running.  A month later and some gentle encouragement, I found myself last Saturday in a room full of giddy people willing to put themselves out there to walk/run/cycle/swim/hike to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma research.  It was not a room full of hyper-fit 20 something athletes, although there were clearly some of those, but a number of people like myself for whom the years had encroached. […]

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