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Pictures should make a splash, not a belly flopI was musing the other day on how my entire synchronized swimming career was not documented on film.  Nary a slide exists, of which I’m aware, of my days with vaseline in my hair and glittery swim suits.

The revelation was fascinating to me when I contrast it with the plethora of photos on the Facebook page of anyone under the age of 25 showing person x with their arm around person y, both making kissy faces for the phone camera being held by one of them.  We are a nation armed with convenient and reasonably good quality photography equipment and we’re not afraid to use it!

Today I was browsing for some ideas for the upcoming wedding season and how best to do bridal makeovers and I came across this article.  I had forgotten that 8 or so years ago, when Mary Kay switched to its new foundation, one of the selling points was no titanium in the product, hence no white flashes in your pictures.

These are good points.  Lip and cheek color make you look more alive, and with bridal makeup you want the eyes to be classical so there are no regrets 10 years in retrospect.  Big hair – well I can’t say for a wedding day, but it sure does stand out at a family picnic.

What are your tips for great photographs?  Leave a comment with your best tips.  I’m going to have a contest (with a prize) for the best one.  Deadline is February 15, 2012.

Ready, set, CHEESE!



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  1. Molly, Queen of Mollytopia! says:

    Wedding make up is SO super important, really you are right Diane. Looking back years from now, you will want to think “classic”, not “Totally 80’s” or whatever decade it is.

    Choose one area to highlight, go big on the eyes or the lips, but not both. Unless it is a dramatic evening wedding, then it is about finding the balance. And no matter what, ALWAYS wear BLACK mascara…always always always. Long full flirty lashes cannot be achieved with anything else. And even if your color is demure, the lashes should always be full on with mascara. It shows up much better in photos and you will look and feel awake and present!

    Of course, always push your chin out and look slightly up at the camera, that is your best angle/side. Trust me.

    What a great contest, Diane! And really, these tips could be for any photos, not just weddings!!!

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