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I just got the mail

hello youIf you’re a consultant, you did as well.  In the month of August, credit for the Queen’s Court of Sales is doubled on all orders!

What does it mean for you?  It’s not double product, but instead a motivation boost.  It’s like weighing yourself before going on a diet and determining you need to lose 15 pounds.  The next day someone comes round to examine your scale, only to find it’s mis-calibrated.  Instead of 15, you find you only need to lose 8!  Aren’t you totally motivated to kick that goal now?  That’s what Mary Kay has done for us.

Do NOT go out and buy product just because.  That will be product just sitting on your shelf.  Instead, book a class or a facial or a go see.  Call your customers for re-orders.  Let them know they are helping you jump start your new year and you’re working on a stretch goal.  They’ll be glad for the skin care before they run out and they’ll feel good about helping you on your goal.

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