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Drum roll please ….

Drum roll!Beginning January 6th, I’m super delighted to announce a NEW THING for me, you and your customers.

Many years ago, several of our team went to see Robert Jones teach an all day seminar on how to do makeup.  It was informative, fun and best of all, empowering.  I learned so much, which made me confident in my ability to do a color class, especially how to match foundation.

So why the drum roll?  I have purchased Robert Jones Beauty Academy videos and will be doing one per week for consultants and their models.  Are you excited yet?  I am. 

Here’s the way this works:  January 6th we are doing a skin care class.  Why?  Because we want our models arriving “prepped” for the training session.  Does your model need to attend this class?  No, as long as you have done a skin care session with her and she knows to be washed and moisturized, with no makeup when she arrives.

January 13th, we’ll do a “start to finish” in an hour and a half.  Your models will walk out in full face and you will have gotten a 10,000 foot view of glamour.

Each week after that, one facet of skin care will be the topic:  eyes, cheeks, lips, shading, etc.  Your guest can attend one or all, she just needs to come ready to have makeup applied.

Check each week for the supplies you need to bring and let’s rock this!

Suggestions for who would make great guests:

  • Women considering becoming aestheticians.
  • Photographers who could use some tips on helping their subjects look their best.
  • Brides planning weddings
  • Job seekers who could use that extra edge in getting a job
  • Your skin care customers
  • Anyone who loves learning new things

Who’s in?  This is open to any consultants in the Seattle area, with a maximum of 10 guests/week.

RSVP for the skin care class on the 6th and check back for availability.  Better yet, sign up to receive updates from this blog and always be notified by email!

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