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It’s been a while

A great deal has happened to our Mary Kay team in the past month.  Our long time director, Linda Jordan has stepped down and the company asked me to select a new director.  I have chosen Colleen Russell and we are now part of her Russell’s Rockin’ BIDIA’s.  I’m quite delighted that everyone gets a “do over.”  No expectations, no previous skinned knees — just a chance to put feet on new turf and make of it what we can.

Colleen does a “Daily Dinger” on her website.  A small something to do every day, which is great for anyone who has not done something in a while.  Today’s Dinger is to do your 6 most important things and identify your frog (https://vimeo.com/99071769).

It got me thinking, so this post is about your 6 most important things.  Back when I was getting started in Mary Kay, I would make my 6 most important things as an exclusive MK list.  An IPA here, a package there, a business card or 5 handed out, etc.  I found my list useful when I sat down at my desk, but in terms of running my day, it failed.

The reality is my frog, which could throw off accomplishing my 6 most important tasks, could be something well outside the realm of MK, and ignoring it didn’t help me in the slightest.

Looking at my day tomorrow, as I plan my list, I have my weekly order collection for something unrelated to MK, exercising,  an appointment to get two old fillings replaced, then on to mumble through the numbness at my car mechanic, followed by showing a customer the new concealers and delivering a new mascara to another.  After all this, I get to navigate the hideous 405 traffic at rush hour, before making it back to do dinner and spend time with the hubby.

If I put down only MK, I would likely be thwarted by all the other things which need to occupy my day.

So be realistic.  Look at your whole day, rip off that horrible nasty thing you have to do, and make sure all the parts of your balanced life are reflected in your list.

Colleen, my frog for tomorrow is the exercise (you’ll begin to see a pattern here).  When the world squishes me for time, I discard that annoying exercise.  My baby frog is to dig out a new I-story.  Mine hasn’t been updated in a while and the divorce is a decade old news.  I shall practice it on one of my two customers.  Or maybe both.

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  1. Colleen Russell says:

    Love your blog, Diane! Thank you for sharing! Colleen

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