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I just got the mail

If you’re a consultant, you did as well.  In the month of August, credit for the Queen’s Court of Sales is doubled on all orders! What does it mean for you?  It’s not double product, but instead a motivation boost.  It’s like weighing yourself before going on a diet and determining you need to lose 15 pounds.  The next day someone
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New Biz Builders

Monthly Bonus Program The BizBuilders Monthly Bonus program is designed to reward you for working your business and submitting consistent sales orders! As you place orders you’ll receive wholesale credit known as BizBuilder Bucks that you can use on your next qualifying order towards the Section 1 and Section 2 products that you want or need. The more you spend, the more you
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I read in the paper this morning that Apple will be introducing iCloud at some big upcoming event.  I’d like to share my feelings about the cloud with you, based on an experience I and my unit members had. We used to use a program called Pinksomething or other.  At $15/month, it was pricey, but worth it.  Then along came
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