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School begins

Yes, it’s Labor Day weekend.  Time to put away your white shoes and begin listening for the squeaking of the school bus brakes.  It’s also time to begin school related meetings, functions and other time suckers.  Sigh.  With that in mind, Thursday’s 50-Minute Beauty is going to have to be cancelled.  The KFAB (Fine Arts Booster Clubs) executive committee saw fit to demand
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50 minute beauty

Robert Jones, one of my favorite make-up artists says there are various “types” of makeup looks, based on how much time you want to spend.  The “oh my gosh I slept through my alarm and I might be late to work” is what he would call 10-Minute Beauty.  The wedding or prom makeup would be 50-Minute Beauty for its complexity
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Over 40 and looking for work

Age is a big topic, especially as the rescession feels like it’s resolving at approximately the speed of Pluto’s orbit.  While everyone is having to work a little harder on their resume and knock on a few more doors, the over 40 crowd has been exceptionally hard hit because although ageism is illegal in hiring decisions, the subjective associations with age may cloud
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Break it down

Good Housekeeping Tip: Always keep several get well cards on the mantel.  If unexpected guests arrive, they will think you’ve been sick and unable to clean. Hm, good advice, I suppose, but here’s a better plan, at least for me.  Combine keeping my house clean with the ability to do some intensive “each part of the party” training! Consultants, find
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Virtually Beautiful

I love playing with color and so do your customers.  On your personal website (or if you don’t have one), your customers can mix and match colors, creating their own personal palette.  Feel free to forward the demo link to them to let them know!

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