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Timeless Truths

One of the things I love about Mary Kay functions, is the ability to see and hear the company’s founder.  She was a gifted speaker, motivator and model of grace.  Enjoy.

Get up, get cute and get out there

And we’re done.  It’s been six years in the Bellevue School District, but the run really started in 1983, when we began homeschooling the eldest.  30 years, and it comes to a screeching halt.  Daughter finished her senior finals on Wednesday and while the rest of the school is continuing their quest for a good grade, she is sleeping in
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Every moment

On the top of my monitor is a label which reads, “Am I doing what will get me where I want?” It’s been there long enough that sometimes I can look at it and not really see it. Other times, usually when I’ve finished the urgent and am looking for some sort of mindless amusement, it catches my eye and
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Ouch, my legs hurt

Or – what I learned while training for a half marathon. I wrote in December about having talked with Elaina about her running.  A month later and with some gentle encouragement, I found myself last Saturday in a room full of giddy people willing to put themselves out there to walk/run/cycle/swim/hike to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma research.  It
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Keeping it together

Cheryl Davidson, NSD Emeritus is a great teacher.  She has a keen sense of what it means to lead and mentor her area.  Many times I hear her words floating into my coaching. Linda asked me to speak on the weekly unit call about how to get everyone moving in the same direction and it is Cheryl’s wisdom which forms
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Pirating a good thing

Recently I attended a party at the home of a friend who is also a SeaFair pirate.  It’s an annual event (with some excellent rum punch) and a lot of pirate buddies and wives.  Fun, but other than Steve C and his wife, I don’t know anyone there.  I go along as the designated driver, allowing the hubby to indulge
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And more tidbits from the fall retreat! Stephanie R., the #1 director at the retreat talked about motivators.  I find it interesting that so frequently when she speaks, I’m quite sure of where I fit in, but then as she elucidates, I find myself viewing my life and career in a whole different light. I’ll just list what she said, and then
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Go-Give retreat tidbits

SNSD Mary Diem paid a visit to the NW, looking younger than ever. I want to be like her when I grow up.  She anchored a superb day of training, laughing, hanging out and pantyhose.  I’d complain about the pantyhose, but she told us: Don’t complain.  When you complain, 50% of the people don’t care and 50% think you deserve
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IT and beauty

Hubby darling is a freelance IT guy.  He has had his own company for over a decade and enjoys working for small to medium sized companies  This morning I was reading an article in TechRepublic about the myths of doing freelance work, and was struck by the last paragraph. None of the prevailing myths attracted me to freelancing. The truth is,
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Go-Give event

 Because Cheryl Davidson has retired, there are no fall retreats for her area.  Corporate doesn’t leave the Go-Give area in the dark, and one of my favorite NSD’s is coming in November to get us ed-u-ma-cated and inspired.

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