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Resurfacing the bathroom sink

We’re having company on Tuesday.  It’s someone I’ve never met and 2 of his friends.  They’re coming for 5 days to stay with us on their way from England to a music festival in California.  I suppose it’s a sign of the Internet times that a Facebook friend becomes a houseguest with relative ease. When I say relative ease, I
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Beat me to it

My last two posts have been about starting something new and my reactions as an outsider.  Logging on to InTouch today, I find that Mary Kay has done the same process, except internally!  I wouldn’t expect anything less from Mary Kay. The result is a revamped way to begin your business, fun and fresh.  Here’s the news item from the
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Ouch, my legs hurt

Or – what I learned while training for a half marathon. I wrote in December about having talked with Elaina about her running.  A month later and with some gentle encouragement, I found myself last Saturday in a room full of giddy people willing to put themselves out there to walk/run/cycle/swim/hike to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma research.  It
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The day which works?

Team members – what day works best for you, if you were able to come to Parts of the Party?  Don’t forget to vote by replying to the email that went out earlier today! It also occurs to me there might be a better name for the get together??  Open to suggestions!


I had the privilege of meeting Ilene Meckley when she was breaking records.  Ilene was a Discovery Toys consultant and recruited over 200 women during her career. Years later I met her again at a Mary Kay event where she was speaking on building a Mary Kay business.  No, she was not an Independent Beauty Consultant, she had transitioned to a motivational
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5 drum rolls for Jessica H.  I’m so excited.  She’s been a long-term customer and a super sweet lady with a good head on her shoulders.  Welcome to the team – we are so glad you’re here!!!

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