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Failure is not the opposite of success, failure is part of success.

Every moment

On the top of my monitor is a label which reads, “Am I doing what will get me where I want?” It’s been there long enough that sometimes I can look at it and not really see it. Other times, usually when I’ve finished the urgent and am looking for some sort of mindless amusement, it catches my eye and
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School of life

This is an unforeseen continuation of “Ouch my legs hurt,” which were my reactions to getting started with a new venture.  Now I’m a fully inducted newbie and have “discovered” more relevant observations about the infancy of an undertaking. It wasn’t what I was about Many (many) years ago, I had a newborn infant.  He was my pride and joy
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Japanese proverb

One kind word can warm three winter months


I had the privilege of meeting Ilene Meckley when she was breaking records.  Ilene was a Discovery Toys consultant and recruited over 200 women during her career. Years later I met her again at a Mary Kay event where she was speaking on building a Mary Kay business.  No, she was not an Independent Beauty Consultant, she had transitioned to a motivational
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