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It’s been a while

A great deal has happened to our Mary Kay team in the past month.  Our long time director, Linda Jordan has stepped down and the company asked me to select a new director.  I have chosen Colleen Russell and we are now part of her Russell’s Rockin’ BIDIA’s.  I’m quite delighted that everyone gets a “do over.”  No expectations, no
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Be there or be … something

Change of plans.  You love it when that happens, right?  Well this one will blow your socks off. Be at “Parts of the Party” this Wednesday.  We’ll do a guest event, which is an overview of the GBP.  Bring a guest for fast and furious product application (hands only), then we’re going to do some goal setting.  No telling what
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Follow up

This is the training I gave at the Success Center.  For a printed copy, it is under “Resources” on the main site. The biggest reason to follow-up with someone, whether a new contact, or a new customer is the sign Mary Kay taught consultants to picture around everyone’s neck, “Make me feel important.”  The respect you show someone with your
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